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Case Studies

HMRC VAT Enquiry

The brief
We were asked to assist a new client with an existing HMRC VAT enquiry.

What we did
We helped the client reorganise their internal systems to make their record keeping more robust and avoid any problems in the future.

The outcome
Through meticulous preparation and attention to detail we had the initial assessment reduced from £80,000 to £2,000, saving the client £78,000.

Successful Business Takeover

The brief
We were asked to be involved in the successful takeover of a rival business for a local service business.

What we did
We carried out the initial assessment of the target business, an initial valuation and advised on the financial part of the contract.

The outcome
The takeover was concluded successfully and the business is going from strength to strength.

Improve Internal Reporting

The brief
We were asked to help a successful engineering Company in Edinburgh (with a turnover of £3 million) to improve their internal reporting systems and their cashflow.

What we did
Initially we helped this client by correcting historical errors and working with the internal finance team to improve their understanding of their reporting system. We then carried out some useful income planning with the company directors.

The outcome
As a result, the two directors have been able to double their net income while ensuring that they could meet their financial goals. They have now been a client of ours for seven years.

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